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Weightlifting shoes

In the past few years, the popularity of supportive strength gear has surged. This is no exception when it comes to weightlifting shoes. Today, you can find several big-name brands carrying and designing shoes for all types of weightlifting and strength activities. This means you can find the right fit, style, and comfort based on your individual needs.

Features of quality weightlifting shoes

Modern weightlifting shoes in NZ feature special components that ensure support and stability are provided where it’s needed most. When shopping for these shoes, you should look for options with shoe straps, a higher boot, a stiff heel, an elevated heel, and a wider toe box. At Rebel Sport, you can choose from popular options like adidas weightlifting shoes, including adidas Adistar weightlifting shoes or Nike weightlifting shoes in red. 

Benefits of quality weightlifting shoes

Quality weightlifting shoes, like quality football shoes and running shoes, provide several benefits. One benefit is an increased range of motion in the ankle. Also, the elevated heel lets the wearer sit back into a squat, which increases mobility and clearance. With this, the lifter’s ability to drop below weight at the lowest position is supported, all while ensuring their foot remains planted firmly and posture remains strong.

Quality weightlifting shoes also offer more stability. This will help ensure the ankle doesn’t twist or turn while supporting the knees.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about weightlifting shoes. 

What type of shoe is best for weightlifting?

Depending on what you’re lifting, you may want to look for shoes with high heels and soles that don’t compress. View our range of weightlifting shoes online, or head into your local Rebel Sport to speak with a fitting expert. 

Do weightlifting shoes actually help?

We think so. Specialist weightlifting shoes can help you not only lift heavier weights but also help you to remain safer while doing so. Another way you can help with performance, is by using top quality weightlifting gear like a proper weight bench, weight set, weight belt and weight plates. You may also benefit from viewing our range of resistance bands in NZ.