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Keeping your eye on the ball isn’t just about staying focused during the game. It’s also making sure that your gear is top tier. For nearly 150 years, Spalding has been the brand of choice when it comes to sporting goods. Whether you like tossing the pigskin, spiking the ball or going hard in the paint, you deserve top brands and Rebel Sport is privileged to make them available to our customers.

Don’t Drop the Ball

Rebel Sport is your go-to for finding the best gear in the sports you love to play. Shop our selection of Spalding balls to help realize better performance and gameplay. We have balls in various colors, sizes and designs to meet your needs. Choose a standard ball for pickup basketball or shooting at the gym or pay tribute to some of your favorite players and teams with NBA jersey-themed options.

Shop Confidently

We recognize that you have options when it comes to buying sporting goods, so we push to provide you a superior experience, whether you’re shopping for balls, Spalding systems and more. Find the gear you need with options that aren’t available at other retailers. Buy what you want with one easy payment or choose from our other payment plans that prioritize you and your convenience!