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Footwear Accessories

Sometimes shoes need some extra accessories. Whether you’re looking for some schnazzy new laces or practical anti-chafing balm, Rebel Sport has everything you need. Our impressive selection of accessories includes fun add-ons as well as essentials such as the Sof Sole Instant Shoe Cleaner 9oz. Find what you need to get the most out of your women’s casual shoes and sneakers.

Fun Footwear Fashion

If you have a tendency to accessorize to the max, Rebel Sport has exactly what you need. Turn your Crocs into an art show with the Crocs Jibbitz on the Go 3pack for a delectably eclectic look. If you seek a stylish way to upgrade your sneakers, look no further than the Pro Lace Solid Orange Flouro. These shoelaces aren’t actually shoelaces at all — they’re made of elastic so you never need to worry about tying your shoes again.

Practical Shoe Accessories

If you’re looking for practical shoe accessories such as spray-on shoe protection, Rebel Sport has that, too. Our selection of sprays and sealants offer everything you need to keep your footwear in ideal condition for as long as possible. Invest in protection to ensure that your shoes look great and last a long time.