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Women's Indoor Court Shoes

If you're searching for a brand new pair of high-quality women's indoor court shoes, you'll find them right here at Rebel Sport NZ! We carry thousands of indoor sports shoes that offer different levels of flex and support to keep you on your feet and at the top of your game. Indoor court shoes are specially designed to accommodate lateral movement, which is common in court sports. This is why you’ll notice our court shoes have greater support at the sides. 

Find the perfect pair of women’s indoor shoes at Rebel Sport in New Zealand, no matter what your preferred indoor sport is! Our range of indoor court shoes will protect your feet, whether you are a keen tennis player, netball player or basketball player. Plus, our massive inventory includes countless designs, colours and styles of shoes - so you're sure to find something you love.

Top Women's Indoor Court Shoe Brands

We believe every athlete needs access to top-notch gear from brands they can trust, so we've taken the liberty of putting all your favourites in one super convenient place. Some of our bestselling indoor court shoe brands include Asics, New Balance, Under Armour and more. Best of all, our shoes come with an affordable price tag you'll love, so you can outfit the whole family with new kicks! 

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked question/s about women’s indoor court shoes. 

How do I choose indoor court shoes?

The most important thing to consider when choosing indoor court shoes is fit. When playing indoor sports, you are likely going to be running and switching directions frequently. As a result, you need a comfortable shoe that fits your foot and offers support. Traction is also important to consider, as it will prevent you from slipping during a vital part of your game. 

What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor court shoe?

Typically, indoor court shoes have more flexible soles to allow for fast pivoting on indoor surfaces like gym flooring. Whereas outdoor court shoes will likely be made from a more rigid material that is durable against hard surfaces like concrete.