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Asics Running Shoes


Asics is a leading running shoe brand. Browse a full collection of Asics shoes for running, including styles with proprietary gel or foam sole technology to direct and absorb impact and support your stride. Shop our stock of Asics men's shoes and running shoes for women or juniors.  

Find the Right Shoes for Running

A new pair of Asics shoes can give your feet the support they need on your next run. This best selling shoe brand is known for having a short break-in period, compared to some other footwear. Browse a full selection of Asics shoes or filter results by gender, running surface, pronation or shoe size. An online store and numerous Rebel Sport store locations make it easier to find the right running shoes.

Features of Asics Running Shoes 

Asics debuted in 1977 and introduced its revolutionary gel sole technology a little less than 10 years later. Over the last three decades, the brand has continued to develop better sole designs informed by advances in biomechanical research and material design. When you run in Asics shoes, you benefit from the impact direction and absorption capabilities of Asics gel technology and other scientifically proven footwear features.