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Guide To Buying Golf Equipment

If you are about to begin your golf journey for the first time, or maybe you are already an experienced golf player, it’s essential that you have the right golf equipment to get the best out of your game. Not only should your golf bag have a club to cover every eventuality, there’s also other golf equipment which is just as important. We’ve put together this handy guide to help simplify your golf gear essentials and the little extras you might need on the golf course.

Here's everything that we will be covering:

Types of Golf Clubs
Golf Equipment Essentials
Golf Clothing
Golf Shoes




The driver belongs to the woods category of golf clubs and is classically referred to as the 1-wood. The driver is typically the longest club with the biggest head of any club. It can help achieve the greatest distance and allows the golfer to smash the golf ball as far down the fairway as possible. The driver is often the most sort after club in the golf bag.

Fairway Woods

The Fairway Wood is the go-to club for shots off the fairway that still have a considerable distance to travel. Fairway woods have a higher loft than drivers. The loft is the angle of the club face that controls trajectory and affects distance. The more loft a club has, the higher the trajectory of the ball and the shorter the ball with travel. Fairway woods are usually numbered 3, 5 or 7 but can sometimes come in 9 or 11 numbered versions that are known as High-Lofted Woods.

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrids are a mix of Woods and Irons and often sit in between the 3 and 5 clubs. Hybrids often replace a long iron, especially if the golfer struggles to get much elevation with longer irons. Sometimes known as a rescue club, the hybrid club can bridge the gap between long irons and the shorter fairway woods.  The additional loft makes it easier to get airborne, while the clubhead design being closer to a wood, adds some distance.  Hybrids can outperform a fairway wood in distance, and standard irons in accuracy.


Wedges are an extension of the irons and have more loft and are designed for very high accuracy and more spin than irons. There are different categories of Wedges, from lowest loft to highest - the Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge. The Pitching Wedge is most versatile, and most golfers will have a Pitching Wedge in their golf bag. The Gap Wedge bridges the gap of distance between the Pitching Wedge and the Sand Wedge and is used for full and partial shots from the fairway or rough, and used for chips and pitch shots from near the green. The Sand Wedge is used for most greenside bunker shots as well as chips and pitches, while the Lob Wedge has an extremely steep loft making it ideal for getting over trees and obstacles.


Every golfer needs a good Putter. Arguably the most important golf club in your golf bag, since it puts the golf ball into the hole! There are several types of putters. The main head designs are Blade Putters (older traditional style), Mallet Putters (larger head design) and Peripheral Weighted Putters (traditionally toe-balanced). Blade Putters have a smaller head design and are thinner which make them ideal for players who are fairly accurate with putting. They are also the most used putter style among amateurs and pros.

Mallet Putters have a much larger head design, are often in a square block shape and are much heavier than most Blade Putters. The Mallet Putter is an ideal putter for players who need alignment assistance, as it is more forgiving due to its deep head designs. This gives the Mallet Putter a lower and deeper centre of gravity to improve performance on off-centre hits.
Peripheral Weighted Putters are longer and thinner than Blade Putters and feature additional weight in the heel and toe for greater forgiveness.



Golf Equipment Essentials

Golf Bags


The modern golf bag has many features to help keep your golf equipment organised while on the golf course. There are three common styles of golf bags. Carry bags are made to be lightweight and designed with shoulder straps that make the bag easy to carry around the golf course. Stand bags are usually lightweight but heavier than a carry bag. The base of stand bags feature legs which help to keep your golf equipment upright and accessible. Cart bags are heavier than carry and stand bags and are designed with bases made to attach to a golf cart.


Golf Bags

Golf Balls


When it comes to what gear you need to start playing golf, you will definately need some golf balls! 
Golf balls can have a big impact on your game and come in several styles including tour performance, soft feel, and distance.  
Whether you are after a golf ball for high speed or maximum distance, we have a huge range of golf balls from top golf brands such as Volvik, Bridgestone, Titleist, Optima and more. 


Golf Balls


Trundlers are an easy way to transport your golf bag around the course, along with all your golf gear. Features to look out for can include lock folding systems, adjustable heights, adjustable bag support, multifunction holders, lightweight frames and the number of wheels which can determine how the trundler manoeuvres.

Golf Gloves

The right pair of golf gloves can make all the difference in a game. Golf gloves are designed to provide players with a more secure and stable grip on their golf club. Available in both left and right-hand designs, we have a good selection of golf gloves in a range of sizes made from materials built to last.


Not sure what size golf tee to buy? Personal preference and swing style ultimately dictates the length of the tee that you play. So why not tee your golf ball up on the golf course with a tee from one of our top golf brands.


When the weather isn’t playing nice during your game, stay dry and protected with a golf umbrella. Made extra sturdy, golf umbrellas tend to be a lot larger than your regular umbrella to help protect both you and your gear.



What To Wear On The Golf Course

Golf Clothing


There are many performance benefits from wearing golf clothing on the golf course.

Choose golf clothing suited to the different weather elements that you will be playing in, so that you can focus on your game and not on the weather around you.


At Rebel Sport we offer a good selection of golf clothes made with premium materials from top brands like Under Armour, Oakley and adidas.

Look like a pro, and play like one too!



Golf Clothing Golf Caps

Golf Shoes


When you venture out onto the golf course you will want to be wearing shoes that will help give you the best performance. The right golf shoes are a must-have.


We have a range of golf shoes in various styles and designs to ensure you get the stability, traction, and support. Choose a spiked shoe to provide a bit more traction. Spikeless golf shoes are ideal in summer and can be easily worn off the golf course too.


Play golf in style with footwear from top brands like Footjoy, New Balance, adidas and Nike.



Men's Shoes Women's Shoes



So there you have it, a run-down on golf equipment. Whether you are starting out or in need of an upgrade, at Rebel Sport we’ve got the golf gear for you. Check out our golf equipment and all those little extras that you might need on the golf course.