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Choosing A Tennis Racquet

There are many things that you will want to consider when you shop for a tennis racquet, including the head size, weight and balance.
For the beginner and intermediate tennis player, we recommend a larger head and a lighter weight racquet. For experienced players looking for more control, opt for the heavier frame. We have a selection of tennis racquets from the best tennis brands including Babolat, Prince, Wilson and Head. 

Choosing the correct size tennis racquet:






4 Years or younger

102cm or shorter

19 inches

4-5 Years


21 inches

6-8 Years


23 inches

9-10 Years


25 inches

10 Years or older

141cm or taller

26 inches


ADULTS - 12 Years+:

Head Size

For beginner tennis players, we recommend a tennis racquet with a larger head. A larger head tends to provide more power and a larger sweet spot. A smaller head tends to appeal to more experienced players and provides more control. For the advance tennis players who can consistently hit the sweet spot and can achieve power from their swing, opt for a smaller head size.


A lighter racquet is more manoeuvrable and it is able to be swung faster and tends to be favoured by recreational players. For beginners, young tennis players and those who are not physically as strong, choose a lighter tennis racquet. Heavier, head-light racquets tend to be preferred by most experienced players with a full swing. For players looking for more control, opt for the heavier frame. The heaviest racquet frames are usually favoured by professional tennis players.



Balance refers to how the weight is spread around the racquet from head to handle. If the racquet has more weight towards the handle it is head-light, and more weight towards the head it’s head-heavy. A head-light racquet tends to be a heavier frame. A head-heavy racquet tends to be a lighter frame.