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Massage Balls

Nothing is worse than the aches that often follow a workout. Although this might be considered “good pain,” that’s little consolation when the soreness is substantial. Massage balls offer an antidote to this affliction in the form of a ball that uses principles of massage and acupressure to alleviate pain.

Why Should I Use a Massage Ball?

Whether your pain is from a workout or the strain of everyday tasks, a massage ball offers a solution that can reduce your pain tremendously. Massage balls like the Acuball Heatable Deep Tissue Self Massage Tool work by releasing the tension in spinal joints, loosening up tight muscles, and reducing pressure on connective tissue. The result is a calming effect on the body’s central nervous system and considerably reduced pain for the user.

How Do I Use a Massage Ball?

You can use a massage ball such as the Spri Hot & Cold Tension Massager by simply placing the ball under the portion of your body that’s in pain and gently rolling back and forth on top of it. This back and forth movement can alleviate pressure throughout your whole body. Massage balls are ideal to use after intensive workouts with equipment like rowers or skipping ropes.