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Womens Skate Shoes

Do you love getting outside and skating the day away? If you're looking for a great new pair of women's skate shoes, Rebel Sport NZ has got you covered! Whether you're a novice skateboarder or a seasoned pro, our collection of skate shoes is jam-packed with amazing styles at incredible prices.

Shoes For Any Skater

As a skateboarder, you're on your feet most of the time. That means your shoes need to be comfortable, supportive and offer plenty of protection. We get that, which is why we stock our inventory with only the best of the best. If you're ready to upgrade your kicks, designs like the Vans Asher are the ultimate blend of utility and finesse.

Brands You'll Adore

Pro boarders and fans of women’s skate fashion alike deserve access to brands they can count on, and we work hard to keep all your favourites in one convenient place. With dependable names like Vans, Nike, Hi Tec, adidas, Asics and so many more, it's easy to find something for everyone! All of our products also come with a price tag you'll love, so you can save big with every purchase.

Rebel Sport NZ carries everything from sports accessories to women's activewear — we're proud to kit out your whole family with everything they need to get outside and have fun!

Frequently asked questions 

Your questions about women’s skate shoes answered. 

Which skate shoes are best for beginners?

One of the best pairs of skate shoes for beginners is Vans. Vans have been a popular choice in the skating community for a long time, as they stay firmly on your feet as you skate. They also are flexible enough for doing tricks and have a very durable, grippy sole. Not to mention, they’ll help you look and feel the part! 

What's the difference between skate shoes and normal shoes?

There are a few differences between skate shoes and normal shoes. Firstly, skate shoes have a wider soles so you have more control over your board. They are typically more durable too, as skating can be quite rough on normal shoes. Lastly, skate shoes have a flatter sole which helps protect you from rolling your ankle.