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Our Planet, Our Promise

Our Planet, Our Promise

Like any great adventure, the path to sustainability starts with a single step. Which is why we’re on a mission to find more ways for people to lessen their impact and turn the tide of consumption. From making products with recycled materials, to lessening our water usage and reducing packaging, we’re focused on implementing changes that make a big impact.





Teva shoes are nearly synonymous with summer outings. These quality sandals for men, women and children are designed to take on tough conditions without adding extra weight or stress to your body. Wear them camping, on beach adventures, on your next vacation and out to the backyard when you want to spend some time with family.

The Perfect Shoes for Your Summer Activities

Some shoes like Teva sandals NZ are versatile, but the right shoe can make any activity more enjoyable.

  •         Gardening: A good gardening shoe should be easy to clean and water-resistant. Shoes like Crocs and clogs are ideally suited to this.
  •         Sports: If you casually play many sports, quality outdoor running shoes from brands like Puma or Adidas can help you get into the game anywhere.
  •         Boating and swimming: Water shoes need to be flexible and secure. They should also have reliable treads and secure fastenings. 
  •         Hiking: You never know what will happen when you're on a wilderness trail, but you can prepare your feet with hiking shoes that support each step.
  •         Relaxing: Some summer days are great for lounging in a hammock. Sandals like Nike Footwear slides help you get comfortable.

The right shoes help you meet your goals when you want to get out and enjoy some summer weather. Challenge yourself to try something new in the right footwear the next time it's warm out.