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Kids Face Coverings

At Rebel Sport, we have so many options for kids clothing. This includes our range of kids face coverings. Certain face coverings serve different purposes, so it’s well worth taking the time to view our selection online. 

Keep your children’s neck and face warm

Our range of kids accessories extends to face coverings and neck warmers. Our face coverings and neck warmers are made with cosy yet breathable fabrics. As well as being practical, our wide range of neck warmers and face coverings in NZ feature many patterns, designs and colours. No matter what your child wears, we’ll have a neck warmer or face covering options to match. 

Mix and match with other kids clothing

If you need to get a few bits and pieces for your child’s wardrobe, we can help at Rebel Sport. We’ve got many different options for all ages. Choose from kids t-shirts, kids shorts, kids shoes and even kids accessories, including beanies. Take your children to your nearest Rebel Sport store to try before you buy. Or, you can shop from our range online with fast delivery right to your door

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kids face coverings. 

What is a neck warmer called?

A neck warmer is sometimes called a neck gaiter. Although, in New Zealand, we usually call them neck warmers. We have a range of neck warmers for both kids and adults at Rebel Sport. 

What’s the point of a neck gaiter?

There are many benefits to wearing a neck warmer. A neck warmer helps to minimise exposed skin when it’s cold. As well as that, a neck warmer can protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.