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Kids Running Shoes

At Rebel Sport, we stock kids' running shoes that are built to last. Give your child's feet the proper support and cushioning to protect them from any rough and tumble on the playground or at sports training. 

Why your child will love their running shoes from Rebel Sport 

With a whole heap of different colours and designs from quality brands, you can’t go wrong! We’ve got black running shoes, white running shoes, multicolour running shoes and more. Find the perfect design that suits your child's personality to a tee. Make sure to check out some of our customer's favourites like Asics kid's shoes and Salomon junior shoes. You can also shop for youth trail running shoes if your kid is a fan of off-road running. 

Looking for something more casual? See our range of kid's casual shoes, sandals, jandals and slides. Perfect to pair with everyday clothing like kid's shorts and kid's singlets

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about junior/ kids running shoes answered. 

Are kids’ running shoes different from adult running shoes?

Although children’s running shoes are made to look like adult running shoes, they’re not quite the same. The way a child runs is very different to how an adult does.

How do I choose the right running shoe for my child?

With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to make a call. If you need some guidance, your best bet is to pop into a store for a fitting. Our team of experts will make sure you get a shoe that fits your child perfectly. If you can’t get an in-person fitting, check out our running shoe guide for fit advice.