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What are casual shoes?

The term casual shoes encompasses a few different types of lifestyle footwear, from sneakers and boots to slip-on styles like loafers, jandals and slides. This kind of footwear is made to be worn on an everyday basis, and typically isn’t designed for any specific activity type. Casual shoes became popular in the 1950s when the way some shoes were manufactured changed, and therefore casual shoes became cheaper for the masses. Nowadays, casual shoes are part of most people's wardrobes, and they vary from low-cost, simple designs to high-end, great quality pairs.

What are running shoes?

As the name suggests, running shoes are made especially for running. They have a range of features to support your feet for running, including cushioning, lightweight materials, and a special design to help with the physical impact of running. A well-designed running shoe will help with injury prevention by keeping your feet and ankles supported in the right places. Modern running shoes are becoming more hi-tech in construction, offering the wearer better running performance. Choosing the right running shoe for your feet is equally as important as the overall design, so it’s definitely worth looking at the different options available.

The benefits of wearing running shoes casually

Wearing running shoes for everyday life isn’t the worst decision, in fact, there are many benefits.

They can be comfortable

Because running shoes are so highly supportive with plenty of padding, they can be comfortable to wear casually. Some styles, in particular, offer a much more comfortable feel for day-to-day wear including those with lightweight fabric, flexible soles and additional cushioning. Once you have worn in your running shoes, they typically become even more comfortable as well.

They offer great breathability

If you are wearing the same pair of shoes all day, you definitely want them to be breathable to keep your feet free of moisture and odour. Running shoes are designed to be breathable as your feet will inevitably warm up when running, which also makes them a great option for wearing casually. Some running shoe designs offer superior breathability, especially those made with a modern knitted fabric, as they allow for better airflow.

They provide your feet with support

When a good quality running shoe is designed, every part of it is considered, from the upper fabric to the heel and arch support. Whether you are on your feet all day for work or just need comfortable shoes to walk the dog, running shoes can be a great option to ensure you can keep doing what you need to do. All of this without strain or injury entering the picture. Supportive shoes are more important than you might realise, not only for your feet but your knees, back and hips too.

The drawbacks of wearing running shoes casually

Although there can be benefits to wearing running shoes casually, there are some things to consider if you choose to go down that path.

Matching running shoes to everyday clothes

These days, running shoes come in many different styles, so although they can be matched with your comfy everyday clothes, they are not always the best fit for your work wear or more formal clothing. We think running shoes can look stylish and trendy, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

Good running shoes come at a cost

Given the science that goes into running shoes and how they’re built for performance, running shoes are generally more expensive than most casual shoes. There are worse things you could spend your money on than a good quality pair of runners, but it’s always worth considering how often you can afford to replace them.

The shoes will wear down faster

Anything that gets worn a lot will inevitably wear out faster, and running shoes are no exception. If you wear your runners a lot on a casual basis, you may find when you use them for running, they are too worn to give you proper support. In saying that, if you lead a very active lifestyle or are happy replacing your running shoes more often, there is no reason you can’t wear your running shoes all the time.

What happens when you wear casual shoes for running?

Although wearing your running shoes for everyday life can be perfectly fine, the same can’t be said for wearing casual shoes for running. Here are some things to consider before you head out for a run in casual shoes.

You may be prone to injury

When you’re running, especially on hard surfaces like concrete, you need the specialist support of running shoes to help prevent injuries and muscle soreness.
Everything from lack of cushioning to minimal arch support can affect your body, and it’s likely to slow you down long-term due to incorrect running form and pain.

You can ruin your casual shoes

Wearing casual shoes for running can not only cause you discomfort, but the shoes are also likely to wear out quickly. This is because they haven’t been designed to withstand the impact of running.
General scuffs as well as dirt and debris picked up from running outdoors can also give your nice casual shoes a less favourable appearance.

It may result in a drop in performance

Casual shoes are great for everyday life, but if you have running goals you want to reach, they are unlikely to perform under pressure. In some cases, casual shoes won’t provide the right traction and may cause rubbing or slipping of the foot inside the shoe. This can ultimately reduce your speed and endurance, and tire your feet muscles faster. Whether you are looking to increase your pace, run further, or just start as a beginner, running shoes are the best option.

Popular brands of casual and running shoes at Rebel Sport

Rebel sport has a huge range of all the latest styles on offer, with something to suit everyone. 

Running shoes 

Rebel Sport has plenty of brands to choose from when it comes to running shoes, whether you are after men’s running shoes, women’s running shoes or even kid’s running shoes.
Here are some of our popular brands.


The range of Salomon shoes have options for men and women, as well as road and trail running shoes.

The brand Salomon was founded in the French Alps, and they offer colourful designs with great technology, such as Optivibe, to keep vibrations low when you are on the move.


The This American-founded brand hardly needs an introduction, being one of the most well-known sporting brands in the world. 

Nike running shoes offer contemporary style with sleek sophistication. Plus they use runner-informed data to ensure their designs are providing the ultimate performance. Our range of Nike running shoes are available for women, men and kids.


If you are looking for a shoe brand that even professional sports players choose, Asics running shoes are for you. 
Asics has been around since 1949, and they offer extremely good quality, comfort and support. Asics has women's,men's and kids running shoes. 



With features such as moisture-absorbing fabric and sock-like designs to give you the ultimate stability while running, it’s no wonder adidas running shoes are a popular pick.
If you are looking for a well-designed and trendy pair of shoes to wear even when you aren’t running, adidas is a great option for men, women and kids.

Casual shoes

If you are looking for good quality shoes for everyday wear, our range of sneakers gives you both style and comfort, so you can keep your running shoes for running.

New Balance

New Balance celebrates classic style with a modern twist, showcasing trendy colours with comfortable designs. There is also a mix of fabrics such as suede and mesh for something a bit different.
New Balance have men's, women's and kids casual shoes.


Puma showcase plenty of colour-blocking bold designs with features such as the SoftFoam+ sock liner for the ultimate cushioning comfort.
They also manufacture a lot of their shoes with a portion of recycled materials for the eco-conscious. They have women's, men's and kids shoes.


Converse is an iconic shoe brand and a perfect example of simple design done well. The original canvas style has been the same for over 100 years, and their shoes continue to be popular now.

There are men's, women's and kids shoes in this range.

Get a new pair of casual kicks with Rebel Sport

Whichever brand or design of shoe you choose, the most important thing is taking care of your feet which will support you in the long term. Choose from our range in-store or online.