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Asics Womens Running Shoes


Asics has made running shoes since 1977 and debuted Gel technology in 1986. Ongoing research and development over recent decades allows Asics shoes with impact-absorbing gel or lightweight foam soles to provide advanced impact guidance, superior support and protective cushioning. Browse the available styles of Asics running shoes for women.

Asics Running Shoes for Women

Choose from Asics shoes with soles for running on firm ground, soft ground or turf. Asics gel technology and other advanced sole materials are available in womens running shoes. Rebel Sport offers a large selection of running shoe colourways and styles. Browse a full inventory of womens Asics shoes or narrow down your options by selecting a type of running shoes, surface or degree of pronation.

Sizing Asics Womens Running Shoes

You can find many Asics running shoes in a full range of sizes. Some experts recommend sizing up shoes for running by at least one half-size to allow for foot swelling during long runs. If you are not sure which Asics running shoe size to buy, go to the nearest Rebel Sport store location to try on your favorite style or a comparable model before you buy new running shoes.