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Puma Kids Shoes

Whether your child aspires to be a professional athlete or they just love playing outside, they need footwear that will protect and support them with every move. Rebel Sport NZ gets it, and we're proud to offer a huge collection of Puma kids shoes!

Athletic Footwear For Little Feet

Your child needs shoes with the right balance of comfort, cushion and stability to keep them safe, and our Puma collection doesn't disappoint! We carry a huge variety of styles, and each pair provides unique benefits to suit every child. From the aerated mobility of the Flyer Runner to the classic Triple basketball shoe, we have something every kid will love!

Brands Parents Can Rely On

You want to make sure your child is using products from companies you can trust, and we take that very seriously. We're proud to offer lineups from reputable brands like Puma every day, and we love helping you find all the best gear at prices you'll love!

Rebel Sport NZ loves being part of your active lifestyle, and we're glad you're shopping with us today! Check out our other collections from great companies like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, ASICS, Running Bare and Pass It Forward today!