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A guide to the perfect fit

At Rebel Sport we pride ourselves on our gear, and we want to make it easy to shop for growing athletes. We stock well-known brands of sports clothing for kids of all sizes and ages. We have individual brand size guides for all our clothing available for viewing, supplied straight from our beloved brands so you can shop with confidence and ensure you get the perfect fit.

Where to find the individual size guides



When in doubt, measure it out!

With the individual size guides from each brand, it’s easy to measure the key points on the body to find your size. If your child has measurements that don’t line up exactly, don’t worry! Go with the size that matches their largest measurement on the table. If you find that you fall between sizes, we recommend going with the larger size to avoid discomfort.


Growing into their clothes is better than growing out of their clothes!

By the age of 2, children can grow up to 6cm in height a year. While this is not always a steady tracking, growth spurts can happen so it might not hurt to have those bigger sized sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets handy, especially for layering in the colder months. Clothing bottoms are harder to size up in advance so we suggest trying to get these as true to size as possible.


The final fit

It’s important to keep in mind that the final fit of your clothing can differ across brands and styles, this is a small detail on paper and in the design of the garment but can make a massive difference in how it feels to wear. This is why we include the type of fit and material construction of each garment in the description.

Relaxed: A fuller cut for complete comfort, total range of motion and greater breathability. This fit should sit loosely on the body.
Semi-fitted: A closer cut that hugs the body in certain areas for athletic movement, while still offering mobility and comfort in other areas. This fit should sit close to the body, without being overly snug.
Fitted: A slimmer, athletic cut that allows for mobility but eliminates the bulk of the extra fabric. This fit should sit tight and snug to the body.
Compression: An ultra-tight, second-skin fit that keeps you locked in. This fit should be notably tight without causing discomfort and should feel very secure.

Material plays a large role in the way the garment feels and fits to your body. Clothing with a blend of Elastane (other names Lyrca and Spandex) will offer more stretch and give when worn.
Polyester fabrics offer some stretch, are extremely durable, and are great at wicking moisture away. Cotton is a natural fibre and also offers stretch and breathability, with a heavier feel than polyester.


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