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The different types of casual shoes

The term ‘casual shoe’ covers many different types of footwear, all of which aren’t made for a special purpose, unlike running, trail or sport-specific types.
In the category of casual shoes, you have styles such as sneakers, boots, canvas shoes, slides and jandals. Casual shoes can be made of anything from knitted or mesh fabrics, to leather or rubber. Casual shoes may have laces or just slip on.
Casual shoes are made to be worn for day to day use and usually aren’t for anything strenuous.

When to wear casual shoes

Casual shoes are not made for sport or intense exercise, but there are plenty of occasions where they are the perfect choice.

Carrying out errands

If you are just popping out to run errands, you don’t strictly need to be in running shoes, but it definitely helps to be in comfortable footwear.
The right casual shoe can still offer enough support for getting around town without discomfort. Plus there is nothing wrong with choosing a stylish casual shoe to do it in.

In the office

For many offices nowadays, the dress code can be a bit more laid back, making casual shoes a great option for work.
Even if you are wearing something more formal such as a suit, the right casual shoe can still work to give a smart casual look.
Given how many hours we spend a day working and being on our feet, casual shoes can be a far more comfortable option than traditional leather work shoes. It can also make walking to and from work a lot easier on your feet too. For women, a great option are New Balance ladies walking shoes. The Skechers range is also fantastic for walking, with one of the best Skechers mens walking shoes being the Arch fit walking shoes.

At social events

Casual shoes come in a range of styles, colours and textures, making them easy to pair with your outfit for social events. 
Black and white shoes go great with just about anything, or you can make a statement with a bold pair of shoes. 
Whether it’s a summertime event calling for something airy like a pair of slides, or a get-together where you will be mingling and wanting something with cushioning, there are plenty of options available. 

Around home

Even at home, there are times when casual shoes have a place, whether it be running around after the family dog or enjoying a BBQ in the backyard.
If you are someone who is always on the go, you might just prefer to keep your shoes on. In this case you might as well go with some stylish casual shoes!

Why you should wear dedicated casual shoes

Though you might be tempted to just keep your runners or more formal shoes on all the time, there are some good reasons why it’s better to have casual shoes in your wardrobe. 

They can be lower in price compared with other shoe styles

Because casual shoes are usually built for looks and comfort, they don’t tend to be as expensive to make which therefore keeps the price down for the buyer. 
If you were to wear more expensive task-specific shoes such as running shoes or work boots on a casual basis, you would likely have to replace them more often. This could get expensive very quickly. 

They are easy to style with everyday clothes

Given that casual shoes are made for style, there is a much larger scope for creative and colourful designs. This means that you can match casual shoes to suit your clothes and personal style. 

Converse Lifestyle Shoe

Puma Lifestyle Shoe

Nike Lifestyle Shoe

Easy maintenance

There are often special materials that go into making running shoes and other specialist footwear. So, in some cases, they require more maintenance and special cleaning techniques to get into deep crevices and alike.
Casual shoes, in most cases, are easy to look after and clean as they usually aren’t being used for any rigorous activity. Often all that is required is a wipe clean and a bit of odour removal.

How to know if you need new casual shoes

Because casual shoes can get a lot of wear, it’s important to keep an eye out for when they may need replacing. 

It’s time to replace your casual shoes when:

  • The soles begin to wear down or flatten on one side
  • You start to see holes or tears
  • Any cushioning you did have is no longer supporting your feet 

Wearing shoes that have worn out can result in sore feet, which can then affect your knees, hips and back as well. If you are noticing that kind of soreness after wearing your shoes, that could be your sign to upgrade. 

How to choose new casual shoes

If the time has come to replace your shoes, there are a few things to think about when making your choice.  

Consider your wardrobe

If you plan to wear the shoes all the time, it makes sense to pick a pair that can go with many different outfits. Otherwise you may find they end up being left in the back of your wardrobe. 
If you are eyeing up a bold pair, it’s worth having a look at your clothes to decide what you can wear them with. Bright-coloured shoes will stand out as a fun statement against neutral clothes. 
On the flip side, a neutral-coloured pair of shoes, such as black or white, will go with any outfit. 

Go for quality over quantity

As with other styles, you get what you pay for with casual shoes. 
Given that you would typically wear casual shoes for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to choose casual shoes that will last. That way you don’t need to keep buying replacements on a frequent basis. 
Shoes that are going to be worn most days need to be able to stand up against weather, all types of terrain, and of course, general wear and tear from everyday life. 

Try in-store

Going in-store to your nearest Rebel Sport to try on shoes can be a great way to ensure you are getting the right size, the shoes are comfortable and that the casual shoes look as you thought they did online.
If you’re confident in buying shoes and know your size, buying online is a great idea for those who can’t get to a store. As well as that, it also gives you a good overview of everything that is available. You can filter by colour, size and price to find your perfect shoe

Research the latest trends

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, do a bit of research before purchasing online and instore. This will give you a good idea of what to look for in terms of colours and styles.
Searching online for mainstream trends can give you a good overall picture, or you can try out the 'new in' pages on sites to see the latest gear arriving.  
Though there is nothing wrong with choosing a timeless style, we are totally on board with being a trendsetter! 

Go for comfort

Though it’s important to choose the right style, so you actually want to wear your new casual shoes, it’s equally important to consider the comfort of the shoes
If you’re planning to wear your casual shoes regularly, it’s a good idea to prioritise comfort.  Otherwise you could look very cool, but feel very sore. 

At Rebel Sport, we have plenty of shoes that are trendy and comfortable. So you get the best of both worlds. 

Talk to the team at Rebel Sport

If you just don’t know where to start with buying casual shoes, head in-store and ask one of our friendly team members for advice. Our pros are always more than happy to help. 
We have knowledge of what people are buying in terms of trends, how shoes should fit, what type of shoe works well for different lifestyles, and so much more. 

The range of casual shoes at Rebel Sport

Our range of casual shoes covers everything from the classic designs that are always in fashion through to the latest styles made for trendsetters. 


Converse is a long running brand famous for their ‘Chuck Taylor’ style shoes. The canvas material makes them lightweight, and the style never seems to go out of fashion. 

The design of Converse shoes and the colours used makes them easy to pair with almost any outfit. 


Puma shoes have a mix of new and classic styles, with both neutral and colourful options.

They mix style with comfort making them great for everyday wear. 




Nike shoes have a sporty, sleek look that offers on-trend style and comfort.

With a lot of neutral colours like black and white, they are easy to style with casual outfits.




Vans shoes are well known for their skate style, in both lace up and slip on styles. Their iconic black and white versions are now complemented by fun prints and colours for women’s shoes, men’s shoes and kid’s shoes. 



adidas shoes are another sporty style that is extremely easy to match with casual outfits given their sleek look. If comfy and cool are what you are after, they are a great pick. As well as lace up shoes, they also have slides in their range



Skechers are well known for making shoes specifically for walking. Skechers shoes are super lightweight with fun colours, plus they offer unique designs such as slip on hands free shoes. 



Time to buy new shoes for everyday use? 

Casual shoes are an absolute must for every wardrobe to give you both style and comfort for everyday use. Check out our range of casual shoes in-store or online