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How To Clean White Shoes

Whether white running shoes, white gym shoes, or even white casual shoes, versatility is one of the big perks of having shoes this colour. White shoes can be paired with any outfit or style more often than not. In saying that, white shoes have a downside that can put shoe shoppers off; they can look dirty fast. But this shouldn’t deter would-be white shoe owners off, as there are several simple cleaning techniques you can do at home. In this guide, we will explore some of our favourite ways to clean white shoes. Here are the main talking points: 

Is it possible to clean white shoes?
The best time to clean your white shoes
How to clean white canvas shoes
How to clean white fabric shoes
How to clean white leather shoes
How to clean white shoelaces
How to know when to replace your white shoes
Does toothpaste clean white shoes?

Let’s get started!

Is it possible to clean white shoes?


In short, yes! In fact, there are many different cleaning techniques for white shoes.  The best technique for cleaning white shoes will largely depend on the type of shoe you’re working with whether that be white casual shoes or even white leather shoes.

Some shoes will require a light touch as to not damage the shoe, while others may need the assistance of detergents and chemicals and a bit of elbow grease. Beyond cleaning shoes yourself, you may want to chat to a dry cleaners about their shoe cleaning service if your shoes are particularly messy or stained. Although, this could cost more money than it would if you’re doing a home job.


Top tip: If you want to keep your white shoes clean for longer, it may be worth investing in a protective shoe spray. These protective sprays can help to repel water and stains.  

The best time to clean your white shoes


How often you should clean your white shoes will depend on several variables, including how often you wear your white shoes and your idea of clean. If you want your kicks to look like brand new all of the time, it’s recommended you should wash your white shoes every couple of weeks. Other reasons for regularly cleaning your white shoes include:

  • Regular cleaning can help to prevent your shoes from getting messy to begin with
  • The longer you leave your shoes dirty, the longer stains and grime sit, making it harder to get out
  • It won’t take you as long each time you clean

Top tip: If you have white running shoes, it’s good to clean them every two weeks for hygiene reasons anyway. 

How to clean white shoelaces

Like white shoes, white shoelaces can show dirt easily. Luckily, you don’t need to be careful when cleaning white them. The easiest way to clean white shoelaces is:

  1. Take your white laces off of your shoes
  2. Pop them into a mesh laundry bag so that you don’t lose them
  3. Into the washing machine they go on a gentle cycle
  4. Dry them out like you would any other washing

If your laces need replacing, check out our extensive range of laces at Rebel Sport. 

How to know when to replace your white shoes

No matter how well you clean and look after your white shoes, eventually, they will need replacing. But how do you know when it’s time to give your white shoes the chuck? Besides from the obvious signs of wear like rips and tears, it’s important to learn to identify other signs, including:

  • You are experiencing pain or are injured as a result of your white shoes
  • Your white shoes still look ragged, even after a good clean
  • The tread on the bottom of your white shoes is bald

White running shoes will often not last as long as other white footwear, given the constant impact. For more advice on prolonging the life of your running shoes, read our helpful guide.