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Super Rugby Supporters' Gear

Rugby isn’t a sport for the casual fan. Any rugby enthusiast will tell you that they’re a die-hard for their favorite team — but they won’t have to tell you. You’ll be able to tell from their super rugby supporters’ gear. If you’re looking to represent your favorite team, get the best super rugby supporters’ gear to certify your support.

Iconic Rugby Supporter Scarves

Perhaps the most important piece of super rugby supporters’ gear is the iconic geo panel scarf. Items like the Sekem Super Rugby Geo Panel Highlanders Scarf are required for fans — but why are scarves a staple of the rugby enthusiast’s wardrobe? The tradition started with fans who wanted to wave flags with their team’s colors. Flags turned into scarves that fans can both wear and wave.

How Do I Find My Team’s Gear?

Rebel Sport offers an array of super rugby supporters' gear for all of the top New Zealand teams. Fans of the Chiefs can wear a Juniors Super Rugby Chiefs Crew Sweat. If you don’t see your favorite rugby team, check out our new in women’s clothing or new in men’s clothing selections for the most recent additions to the store.