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No matter what your game is, you use your hands for just about everything. At Rebel Sport, we want to ensure you have all the necessary gear. That's why we keep our inventory stocked with a massive selection of all the best gloves for comfort and protection.

Gloves for every activity

We know you need gloves that can withstand anything, so our collection puts all the best styles right at your fingertips! From soft, knitted winter gloves and heavy-duty ski gloves to fingerless options perfect for cycling, you're sure to find something for your sport. Looking for gloves to wear in the gym? Check out our range of workout gloves

Brands you’ll love

We're dedicated to keeping all your favourite brands in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place. You can browse our huge inventory for all your favourites and find new styles to love every day! With great names like Claro, BUFF and Icebreaker to choose from, what's not to love?

Frequently asked questions

A frequently asked question about gloves. 

What are the warmest gloves?

If you’re looking for gloves for maximum warmth, we have a range of alpine ski gloves that have been designed to keep you warm during the coldest temperatures. This is the perfect style if you’re hitting the slopes. 

What is the purpose of fitness gloves? 

Fitness gloves are a great way to support your hands and fingers during exercise. Whether you’re lifting heavy weight or holding on to your bike handles, gloves can protect you and help give you that extra push you need. Check out the range of workout gloves we stock at Rebel Sport.