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Ankle Support

Ankles are prone to injuries. One little misstep easily leads to a strain or sprain. Ensuring fast and proper healing is made easier with an ankle brace. These supportive devices are designed to compress the joint and prevent unwanted ankle rolling that could prolong the injury. Before putting one on it’s important to understand the types of support available.

Types of Braces

For minor soreness or weakness, ankle sleeves and elastic supports let the ankle move while providing light support. The next step up is straps or wraps. These adjustable ones are more supportive while still allowing for natural movement. When the injuries are more severe, lace-up ankle supports provide added stability and are more rigid, keeping the ankle joint from moving too much. No matter which one is right for you, each variety comes in different sizes for a secure fit.

A Plethora of Support Options

Getting back on the mend takes time. During the healing process, it’s not uncommon for an injury to cause awkward movement. When that happens, it may start affecting other areas of the body. Along with getting the right ankle support for your injury, there are many arch support and knee support options to support and stabilize movements to get you back to normal.