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Strapping Tape 

Whether you are experiencing minor sprains and aches, or are looking for that extra support when training, strapping tape is a great tool to provide support and recovery. By working to minimise discomfort during movement, the tape is ideal to use when part-taking in physical activity for support or aiding recovery during down periods. 

How does the strapping tape work? 

The strapping tape is made from skin-friendly, stretching material that is tapped around the injury or sore area to prevent further damage and aid in recovery. It’s design is lightweight and lifts the skin easily. The tape helps create a small space between the skin and the layers under the skin, thereby regulating blood flow and pain receptors.

Can you tell me more about the features of the strapping tape? 

Amongst strapping tapes and support straps, there are a range of tapes specifically designed to treat various problems. Sports tape is commonly used when seeking extra support when active, following an injury. While it is also commonly used during rest periods when injury recovery is taking place. In addition to this, Rebel Sport NZ offers knee straps and ankle straps which can be used to provide compression therapy, helping to reduce swelling after an injury has taken place. Regardless of your injury type, Rebel Sport NZ has the answer!