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      Tennis Shoes

      Browse Rebel Sport NZ’s range of stylish, yet high-performing tennis shoes- developed to help you stay quick on your feet. Designed to accommodate for quick movements and superior support, our edit of tennis shoes, include top brands such as adidas. When browsing our large variety of shoes, you will find sneakers suited to various court surfaces which each carry a range of specific benefits helping you to perform at your best.   

      Why is it important to have tennis specific sneakers? 

      Tennis shoes are designed to provide the ideal level of support for intense activity, including stop and start running, jumping and constant change of direction. 

      Although the name implies that they're specifically for tennis, these shoes can also be used for a range of other activities. However, incorporating a pair of tennis shoes into your game provides endless benefits to your performance and comfort on the court. The design of the shoes tend to be flatter on the bottom and incorporate a thicker tread, aiming to provide traction and support on various surfaces. The lightweight design of the shoe allows for smooth movement and greater speed.    

      Tennis shoes are essential for athletes looking for optimal performance, while they are an excellent investment for those who live an active lifestyle and seek daily comfort.