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Men’s tennis shoes

Men's tennis shoes are now available in various colours and styles. The term "tennis shoe" is used for many different types of shoes, and it's true that this style of sneaker is versatile and can be used for several purposes. While this is true, tennis shoes are designed for the game of tennis and to provide support and stability to your feet and ankle to ensure your agility on the court. 

The right fit matters

The frequent starts and stops involved with playing tennis impact the shoe's design. Tennis shoes NZ are designed with a flat pattern on the sole to help give you the grip and stability you need. This is like the specialty design used for running shoes and football shoes. Just make sure you get a secure fit, which will ensure the shoe doesn't move and rub, causing blisters and other issues. 

Styles and designs for everyone

With tennis shoes, you can find a huge selection of looks and styles from big-name brands like Nike tennis shoes, Adidas tennis shoes, Asics tennis shoes, and others. This means you can get the support and comfort you want and need while looking stylish on and off the court. Be sure to consider all the options to find the right men’s tennis shoes for you. View our range online if you’re looking for other tennis gear like a new tennis racket or one of the best cheap tennis racquets for beginners. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about men’s tennis shoes.

What brand is a good tennis shoe?

This will depend on how you play and your budget. At Rebel Sport, we stock a wide range of tennis shoes from leading brands, including New Balance and adidas. 

What is the difference between athletic shoes and tennis shoes?

So, what actually is the difference between tennis shoes and running shoes or athletic shoes? Although it varies, generally, tennis shoes give you more stability laterally. This means you can easily glide in every direction. Athletic shoes are designed for general use across many different fitness activities