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Women's Netball Shoes

Give your game a boost with netball shoes from Rebel Sport! Our range of netball shoes is specially designed to absorb the impact on your feet and provide the right stability and cushioning to protect your feet and ankles. 

Get the support you need to push your game further with our range of sports shoes, running shoes, football shoes, tennis shoes, indoor court shoes and many more! Order netball shoes online with confidence, with our price-beat guarantee and flat $6* delivery fee.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about women’s netball shoes answered.

What shoes are good for netball?

If you are playing netball, you will want to make sure you get proper netball shoes. They are designed specifically for the sport, reducing your chance of injury and foot pain. We have a large range of Asics netball shoes online and in-store, with Asics being a leader in designing this shoe type.  

What is the difference between netball shoes and running shoes?

Normal running shoes are typically designed to provide you with breathability, cushioning and support as you run in a straight line. Whereas netball shoes are catered to quick pivoting movements, abrupt stopping and jumping. As a result, netball shoes are designed with a firmer midsole and outsole. On top of this, netball shoes are cut slightly higher to offer additional ankle support and protect against ankle injury.