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Women's Trail Shoes

Hiking is one of the best ways to get active and become one with nature! If you are an avid hiker, you’ll know that this sport requires patience, strength and dedication. When hiking up steep hills and tough terrain, supportive shoes are super important for protecting your feet. At Rebel Sport NZ, we’ve got a wide range of the best women’s trail shoes on the market, helping you enjoy every step of the trek!

Shoes For Every Hiker

Everyone's feet have different needs, so we keep our massive inventory stocked with the best designs from the best brands. Each style of shoe offers unique benefits, so you can find something tailored to fit your lifestyle. Some popular options include Saloman trail shoes and New Balance trail shoes. Other great brands include Asics, Hi Tec and adidas. Keep your feet ventilated, cushioned and protected with our wide variety of options! Check out our guide on the best trail running shoes for some tips and tricks for purchasing the right pair. 

Brands and Prices You'll Fall in Love With

Athletes depend on their footwear and gear, and you can't trust your performance to just any product. We keep all the industry's best in one convenient place, so you can shop all your favourites with ease. Best of all, our products come with an affordable price tag you'll love, so you can look forward to huge savings with every purchase! 

From hardcore weightlifting to fun backyard games, Rebel Sport NZ is proud to gear you up for any activity!

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about women’s trail shoes answered. 

What is the difference between a trail running shoe and a running shoe?

The main difference between a trail running shoe and a running shoe is the type of terrain they are built for. Running shoes are designed for running along the pavement, whereas trail shoes are designed to handle uneven terrain. Because of this, trail shoes tend to have larger outsoles with better traction. They tend to also have reinforced uppers to protect you from stones and sticks you might run across. 

Is a trail shoe the same as a hiking shoe?

In short, no. Trail shoes and hiking shoes are two separate products. Trail shoes tend to be lighter whilst hiking shoes are heavier. Trail shoes are more breathable and won’t require a period of breaking in, whilst hiking shoes are described as offering more stability and warmth. Overall, your choice of shoe will depend on the kind of hike and trail you are tackling.