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New Zealand’s Healthiest Meal Kit!

Whether you are looking to make a transformation or improve your diet, Fresh Start by My Food Bag's calorie-controlled, nutritionist-approved meal kits are the perfect way to reach your health and wellness goals each week.
Choose from 20+ recipes every week, all packed with wholegrains, protein, vegetables and no refined sugar. All of our meals are designed by chefs and nutritionists to help you reach your goals the healthy way. 
The Fresh Start by My Food Bag recipes have something for everyone:
Taste the transformation with our range of recipes under 450 calories per serve. Fuel your body with the protein packed Active range under 650 calories. Choose recipes that are inspired by the Mediterranean diet. Low on time? The 15 minute and ready made meals are perfect!
Start now and Taste The Transformation with Fresh Start by My Food Bag