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About our service

The Rebel Sport gift registry is the perfect way to ensure that all the gifts you receive are exactly what you want. Your guests will also feel more at ease knowing that the gift they select is something you have chosen to suit you.

All Occasions Invited

Take advantage of our Gift Registry for all special occasion - birthdays, anniversaries and more. 

We've made setting up and managing your list nice and easy. For example you can:

  • Set up a list online and update it at anytime from home.
  • Combine our online and in-store service as you wish.
  • Check your list anytime either online or by calling us on 0800 732 351 to see what people have bought.

What's more our list allows friends and family to:

  • Make purchases online, by telephone or in person at a Rebel Sport store.

And you won't get the same present twice - because items can be Marked as Purchased and removed off the list as soon as someone buys it. 

Managing your list

You can view or amend your list at anytime online. This means you can see what your guests have bought for you at anytime.

Sending out your list

We provide you with invitation inserts you can send out to guests to tell them about your list. You can order your inserts when you register by calling us on 0800 732 351. Your guests can also find your list online and in any of our stores in New Zealand.

Terms & Conditions


  • To minimise the risk of items becoming unavailable while the list is live we suggest you set it up no more than 3 months before the event.
  • If you select discontinued lines while setting up your list in store, we won't be able to add them.
  • Due to the seasonal nature of some products, guests occasionally buy items which become unavailable while the list is still open. If this happens we will let you know.
  • While every effort is made to ensure availability, we cannot guarantee the availability of items on your list.


  • At Rebel Sport we do not hold your gifts; as soon as we receive an order from your register we send your gift out to your desired delivery address. Please note we don’t offer a gift wrapping service.
  • Our courier is Fastway Couriers.
  • We do charge a small delivery fee to get your gifts to your door in perfect condition.


Occasionally, we may have to change the price of items on your list. 

Exchanging items

You can exchange items in any Rebel Sport store within 28 days of delivery.

By Registering and setting up a gift list with us you agree to comply with these Finer Details which are the Terms and Conditions of Rebel Sport's Gift Register.