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Rebel Sport Grant Programme Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Rebel Sport Grant (Grant) programme you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

1. Grant Applications
1.1 Entries into the Grant must be made by a non-professional (amateur), non-profit sports club or organisation that is:

a) affiliated;
b) accepts public memberships or registrations; and
c) plays regular games as part of a competition.

1.2 Grants will not be approved unless the application is completed in full through the Rebel Sport Grants online application form and includes (but is not limited to):

a) The applicant's name, contact details and a formal ID (New Zealand driver’s licence or passport)
b) Official name and location of affiliated sports or community group
c) An affiliation letter dated within the last 12 months
d) The specific purpose for the Grant application and detail on how the funds will be allocated
e) The total amount of money sought
f) For project/activity costs, provide at least two quotes as evidence of the total amount sought. This includes a preferred supplier quote and a competitive supplier quote or a market appraisal/valuation confirming that the total amount sought is reasonable
g) For operational costs, the previous three months' worth of operational invoices (seasonal sports groups can provide invoices for the same timeframe the previous year)
h) For salary/wage contributions, a signed copy of the employees' contract and job description
i) Confirmation as to whether the applicant has applied for the same specific purpose from another source
j) Whether the applicant is registered for GST and, if so, their GST number.
k) The applicant's bank account details including bank generated account details verified by the bank or a pre-printed deposit slip
l) Current photo identification of both authorised signatories in the form of a New Zealand drivers' licence (both sides) or a New Zealand passport.

1.3 All applications will be assessed by the Rebel Sport Grants Selection Committee and selected based on who the selection committee believes will fulfil the initiative's purpose “to enable more kiwis (the more people it impacts the higher the chance) to participate (must enable people to play more sport) in grassroots sport (must be a club or organisation)”. Selection will be agreed on privately and at the committee's discretion.

1.4 The Rebel Sport Grants Selection Committee may at any time request further documentation to ensure an application is compliant.

1.5 Applicants will be notified by email once decisions are made by the Rebel Sport Grants Selection Committee.

2. Non-compliant Grant Applications

2.1 Grant applications found to be non-compliant will not be approved. In this context, "non-compliant" means, Grant applications that:

a) do not contain all the relevant information;
b) are retrospective;
c) do not comply with the purposes for which the Grant was approved; or
d) where the applicant has received full funding from other source(s), or a previous Rebel Sport Grants by Rebel Sport.

2.2 Non-compliance is determined by the Rebel Sport Grants Selection Committee, based on the information supplied and any independent checks undertaken that they deem necessary.

2.3 An application for funding is considered "retrospective" if the applicant has made payment on the goods and services that are subject to the Grant application, prior to approval of the Grant application by the Rebel Sport Grants Selection Committee. Dates applied for prior to the application being considered may also be deemed retrospective.

3. Payments

3.1 Generally, Grants will be paid directly to the Grant Recipient by direct credit within one month of the application being approved. In instances where the funds have been provided for activities/projects that will not occur within the ensuing six months, these funds may be held until written confirmation is received to show that the project/activity is nearly underway. If these funds are not requested within the financial year that they were approved, the Grant may be withdrawn.

3.2 The total amount of funding per a Grant application is $1,000-$10,000 (not subject to GST). The funding will be paid in a lump sum on the relevant quarterly Grant distribution date.

3.3 If the Grant is more than $[10,000], the Grant Recipient may be required to enter into a formal Grant agreement.

4. GST
4.1 When a Grant Recipient is GST registered, a Grant will only be made for the GST exclusive component.

4.2 When a Grant Recipient is not GST registered, a Grant may be made for the full GST inclusive cost of the good or service.

5. Ability to vary

5.1 While this website describes Rebel Sport’s intention for the Rebel Sport Grants as at the time the website page was created, Rebel Sport may, in its sole discretion, acting reasonably:
a) vary the stated processes;

b) vary the Rebel Sport Grants in any way, including any applicable dates or timeframes, in which case Rebel Sport will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with notice of changes to the dates or timeframes, either by email or by publishing changes on the website;
c) not proceed with all or any part of the programme in which case Rebel Sport will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with notice of cancellation in whole or in part;
d) proceed in a manner other than that described on the website in which case Rebel Sport will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with notice of such a change in the process; or
e) discontinue your further participation in the programme for any reason acting reasonably.