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Must-Have Activewear Essentials For Winter 2023

You'd be mistaken if you thought that activewear was only for going to the gym or lazing around during summer! As some say, summer bods are made in winter. So, it makes sense that there are so many activewear options to help you both work out and recover when it’s colder.

We’ve got a wide variety of winter activewear at Rebel Sport, from hoodies and pants to running jackets and tights. But if you can only buy a few items to go for your winter training kit, what should you choose? We’ll strap in; we’re about to tell you! 

What is activewear?

Activewear is a term that only picked up in popularity in the last 20 or so years. So, it’s understandable that not everyone knows what the phrase means. Activewear can be a misleading word, as this time of clothing isn’t exclusively for being active. 

Activewear generally means clothing that is good for both exercising and wearing casually. It’s workout clothing that needs to look good enough so that you can also wear it out and about as well as for a home workout. Activewear can cover anything from hoodies and pants to running socks or womens tights. This flexibility makes activewear one of the top picks for your gym bag

Considerations when choosing activewear for winter

Now that you know exactly what activewear is, what are things to look for when browsing online or at your nearest Rebel Sport store? Each person has their own fashion sense and lifestyle, so considerations when choosing activewear will vary from person to person. In saying that, try to weigh up things like: 

  • The type of exercise you regularly do
  • Whether you exercise outside or inside
  • Where you plan to wear your activewear casually
  • What you plan to wear your activewear with i.e. shoes and jackets 

Often, choosing popular activewear brands is a safe way to shop. For example, Nike track pants and Nike joggers, or adidas tracksuits, are known to be of top quality. For a more in-depth deep-dive into what makes good activewear, read our guide that covers what to look for when buying activewear

Essential activewear for winter

Now that you know what to look for in activewear, it’s time to fit out your winter wardrobe. At Rebel Sport, we have everything you need for exercising and relaxing when it’s cold. You can shop online with confidence, thanks to our price promise. Here are the activewear items we think you need for winter!



You'll want to start at the top when considering which activewear to buy for winter. By that, we mean you should start by kitting out your head. A lot of heat from your body actually escapes through your head. So, a good beanie helps trap valuable body heat and stop it from escaping. It creates a microclimate of sorts. 

When buying a beanie for winter, try to pick a waterproof or quick-drying option. Especially if you’re outside in winter, this could come in handy. We have a wide variety of beanies at Rebel Sport. Choose from subtle colours, bright patterns and even options with pom poms.

Compression Tights

When people think about activewear, the first thing their minds will jump to is usually compression tights. Both womens tights and mens tights are so popular because they help circulate blood around your body. In effect, this can help to keep your muscles, and your body in general, warmer as you exercise.

Many compression tights available at Rebel Sport also feature thermo technology or are made from quick-drying material. For these reasons alone, no winter activewear fit would be complete without mens tights or womens tights. For more compression-tight advice, read our tights buying guide or guide that explores the benefits of wearing compression clothing

Fleece Long-Sleeve Top

Fleece is usually made from polyester. It’s specially designed to trap body heat and keep you warm. Whether you're working out or just relaxing in activewear during winter, this is great. When you’re out in the cold, you generally want the least amount of skin showing as possible to trap in heat. So, a fleece long sleep top is an essential activewear item during the colder months. Joggers like Nike tech fleece pants are also great, but more on that soon.

High Socks

When running and exercising during summer, ankle socks are a great option. But, when it’s a bit colder during winter, you’ll want to have high socks as part of your activewear fit. Especially if you’re running outside, chances are you’ll be running through long, wet grass and puddles occasionally. So, high running socks can be good, as less of your skin is showing, and your lower legs are protected from the water and mud. At Rebel Sport, we have various running socks and other socks to choose from. 

Running Vest

Motivating yourself to go for a run can be challenging at the best of times, especially during winter when it’s cold and raining outside. One way to help improve outdoor running is by wearing a running vest. 

A running vest is an excellent option for winter, as it can help to keep your upper body warm. Plus, many running vests have compartments and pouches for a water bladder and your smartphone. There are even running vests that are weighted to help with training. Rebel Sport is your home for running during winter, with a range of running equipment, including running shoes and running vests. 

Top tip: We have an extensive running shoe guide to help you pick the right option for your taste and foot shape. 

Fitness Hoodie

There are so many options for hoodies, including fitness hoodies. During winter, it’s a lot colder than the rest of the year. So, it can be difficult to warm up at the start of a workout. Fitness hoodies help keep your body warm and increase blood flow when starting your exercise session.

Fitness hoodies also look fantastic, hence why we think they’re an essential winter activewear item. At Rebel Sport, we offer hoodies for men, women and children. If you want advice on choosing a hoodie and fitting it with the rest of your winter outfit, read our ultimate guide to wearing and styling hoodies

Waterproof Running Jacket

When it rains, it pours. And, during a New Zealand winter, we can certainly experience our fair share of rainfall. Because of this, a good waterproof jacket that you can also wear for running is essential. 

It’s a no-brainer, but if you’re out running in the rain, a waterproof running jacket will keep the water off your skin, keeping you warmer. When you’re warmer, your morale will be higher when you exercise, and it’s miserable outside. When choosing a waterproof running jacket, try to pick one that is thin and lightweight. View our range of mens and womens running jackets online now. 


Apart from your head, your hands are also where much heat will escape your body. So, gloves are also a must-have activewear essential for winter. Like a beanie, good winter exercise gloves trap heat around your hands, keeping them warm. Another side effect of the cold is how cold air can dry out your skin. Gloves help to prevent this. 

There are several different types of exercise gloves, depending on what you’re partaking in. Regarding activewear, you also want to choose gloves that you’d be comfortable wearing casually. We have a wide variety of gloves at Rebel Sport, including fingerless gloves and golf gloves. 

Track Pants Or Joggers

Sure, you can wear track pants or joggers all year round as activewear. But they’re especially useful when it’s cold during winter. And, if you choose a stylish pair, you can wear them out and about casually too. Some options, like certain Nike track pants, Nike joggers or adidas tracksuits, are made from fabric that absorbs sweat. 

Especially when it’s cold, your sweat will cool quickly after a workout. So, a high-quality pair of track pants will help absorb sweat, so you don’t feel as cold after working out. View our selection of mens and womens pants online. If you know you sweat a lot when working out, read our blog about the best workout clothes and products for heavy sweating

Keep active during winter with Rebel Sport

Whether a good hoodie, pants, running socks, or even a running jacket, you can’t go without some pieces of activewear during winter. The best activewear for winter is both practical and looks great. Afterall, you should feel comfortable wearing them while exercising and relaxing. 

View our range of clothing options online now at Rebel Sport. Or, you can try before you buy at your nearest Rebel Sport store. For more considerations to keep fit during the colder months, read our cardio equipment buying guide or blog on what to wear to the gym.