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Adidas Football Boots

Depending on where you live, you might play football or soccer, but in either case, you need the best cleats to support your feet. adidas football boots are designed with solid structure and top safety features to keep you in the game until the winning goal goes into the net. Grab the right accessories like balls and football gear so you're ready for the next game day.

The Right Fit

Getting the right size isn't the only factor to consider when picking out soccer or football boots, although that's a good place to start. The best cleats fit tight to your foot without cutting off circulation, so while your toes should not touch the front of the shoe, they should be very close. Look for shoes that fit the width and height of your foot almost exactly as well. 

There are still many choices in a variety of brands that might work well, but consider other factors such as the arch of your foot or the way your ankle tends to bend when you step down. Get shoes that support high arches or adjust for overpronation to help prevent injury so you can stay in the game as long as you're needed.