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Workout Bands

Find workout bands and exercise equipment for achieving fitness goals at Rebel Sport. Some of the leading sporting goods companies make stretch assistance and resistance bands for use in working out. Learn more about uses for stretch assistance and muscle resistance bands sold by adidas and other leading athletic brands.

Stretch Assistance Workout Bands

Stretch assistance bands are rehabilitation tools intended to increase flexibility and range of motion by making it possible to hold and relax into stretches. The woven adidas Stretch Assistance Band features two strong handles and six looped segments for use in static and dynamic stretches. Rebel Sport also sells a large selection of resistance bands for workouts by brands such as Gaiam, Powertube and UFC.

Adidas Workout Bands

adidas sells accessory bands for workouts in addition to a stretch assistance band. The lightweight, size-adjustable adidas Running Arm Band has a spacious carrying capacity, making this accessory band suitable on-the-go storage for smartphones or other personal items. Whether you need an accessory band to carry accessories on runs, resistance bands to build up strength or stretch assistance bands for use in rehabilitation, you can find many types of exercise and fitness equipment at Rebel Sport.