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Hi-Tec Kids Footwear

Athletes of all ages need proper shoes to stay safe and perform well, and Rebel Sport NZ knows this. That's why we offer a huge selection of Hi-tec kids footwear with great options for every child!

Shoes For The Aspiring Athlete

A good pair of shoes is indispensable, and our Hi-Tec kids footwear is packed with something for everyone. From the breathable comfort of the Cove sandal to the rugged versatility of the Haraka S trail shoe, our Hi-Tec footwear offers comfort, support and protection with every step. Each of our products comes in nearly every color and style you can imagine, so it's easy for kids to get something they love! Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry — our inventory is always expanding, so check back often for more great products!

A Dependable Brand At A Great Price

As a parent, you want only the best products for your child. We want the best for them too, and we're proud to bring you the quality and dependability of Hi-Tec shoes at a price you'll enjoy. You can look forward to massive savings with every purchase!