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Kookaburra Hockey

Hockey players around the world know how important it is to have gear that stands up to intense matches and long hours of practice. At Rebel Sport NZ, we're dedicated to helping you step up your game, and our Kookaburra hockey collection is loaded with everything you need to play your best!

Gear For Every Hockey Match

You need equipment that won't fail on you no matter what you throw at it, and Kookaburra is here to provide! From reinforced gloves, guards and guard liners to sticks, bags and balls, we're your one-stop shop for all the best hockey equipment! Our products come in every size, color and variant you can imagine, so it's easy to find something that will perfectly suit your playstyle.

Prices You'll Cheer For

No matter what your game is, Rebel Sport NZ loves to help you work hard and play harder — all at an affordable price! We strive to offer all of our products at a cost you'll love, so you can look forward to massive savings with every purchase!

We're here for athletes from all walks of life; from rugby players and hockey fans to camping enthusiasts, we're proud to help you get out there and play!