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Womens Kustom Footwear

Don't wait until the summertime heat gets you down — now is the time to gear up with shoes that will keep your feet cool and dry all season long! Check out our huge collection of womens Kustom footwear!

Great Shoes For The Summer

Whether you're walking in the park, touring the city or hitting the beach, you need jandals that are comfortable and breathable. Kustom offers thousands of great designs, all in a massive variety of colors and patterns! From the diamond-studded Diamanté to the Classic Floral jandals, it's easy to find something that blends perfectly with your wardrobe. Best of all, Kustom footwear is made with high-quality materials that will hold up all season long.

Other Awesome Accessories

Why stop at jandals? We offer tons of other Kustom gear that's perfect for beating the heat! You'll find soft bucket hats and trucker caps, breathable straw hats, everyday lifestyle shoes and more in our Kustom collection, so it's easy to get your whole family ready for the summer!

At Rebel Sport NZ, we're proud to be a part of your lifestyle. Check out our other great collections from brands like Garmin, New Balance, Vans and more!