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Prince Tennis Racquet

Ready to step up your game with a new tennis racquet? At Rebel Sport NZ, we know how important quality tennis gear is — that's why we keep our inventory stocked with a Prince tennis racquet for every player!

The World's Best Tennis Racquet

Your tennis racquet should be sturdy, versatile and able to withstand every match. Our selection of Prince tennis racquets offers a variety of options, and each racquet comes with unique benefits. Best of all, our products come in all manner of colors and styles, so it's easy to find something you'll love! We carry racquets for adult and junior tennis players, and our variants are designed to help you perform well on the court. From the power of the Scream Team 100 to the simplicity of the Ace tennis racquet, there's no shortage of fantastic options for you to choose from.

A Brand You Can Depend On

Every tennis player needs a dependable racquet, and you can't trust just any brand to provide you with one. Rebel Sport NZ is dedicated to bringing you products from reputable brands like Prince, Nike, Puma, Everlast, Icebreaker, Arena, and more! Check out our other lineups today!