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Salomon Womens Footwear

The French sports equipment company Salomon started as a ski brand and has become a popular outdoor brand. Rebel Sport sells Salomon running, trail, hiking and multisport shoes for men and women. Shop all women's shoes by Salomon or filter styles based on type, sport or size.

Salomon Boots

You can find a large selection of women's hiking footwear at Rebel Sport. Salomon makes styles that range from supportive hiking boots to multisport shoes and lightweight trail and running shoes. Some of the main differences between footwear for trekking and trails and running shoes include more ankle support and sole traction in shoes for off-road wear. Consider the conditions for any activity to select the right shoes.

Salomon Running Shoes

Salomon makes trail and standard running shoes for women. In general, women's running shoes weigh less than footwear for hiking or trail running, which feature lugs on the bottom to provide traction on unpaved terrain. It is important to select the right type of shoes, as non-slip soles intended for off-road wear can wear out quickly on paved surfaces. Shop all of the Salomon womens footwear for sale at Rebel Sport or pick any type of shoes.