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Shop kid’s Vans shoes

Enjoy comfort and style when wearing the Vans kid's vans both indoors and outdoors. Including a range of unique styles and designs, these shoes offer diversity as they can be worn for any occasion! Featuring an embossed design, Vans offer an additional sense of style that every child will love.

Easy to slip-on kids Vans

The Vans kid’s shoes come with no laces and no need to worry. In particular, toddler Vans slip-on shoes are very easy to slip on and slip off your child’s feet, providing convenience and simplicity with every wear. They also feature signature rubber waffle outsoles that are synonymous with the classic comfy kid’s Vans. The padded collars and elastic side accents make these classic shoes extra comfortable.

High quality and myriad colours and designs

Our experienced shoe experts rigorously check each product to ensure quality and authenticity. So, you can be sure that your child is wearing top-quality, safe shoes that guarantee maximum comfort. Browse our extensive range of Vans kid’s shoes, where you can choose from a variety of colours, depending on your child's preferences! If you don’t know where to start, read our ultimate guide to choosing kid’s shoes

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about Vans kid’s shoes. 

Are Vans good for a lot of walking?

We think so! Vans are very supportive for everyone’s feet, not just children. Most Vans shoes in NZ have a rubber sole, providing great padding. 

What are velcro Vans called?

We have many Vans with velcro straps that are perfect for kids and toddlers. One of the most popular ranges of Vans with velcro straps are the Old Skool V shoes.