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Fishing Reels

At Rebel Sport NZ, we understand that people who love to fish appreciate having the best gear. Our collection of fishing reels includes popular reels for various types of fishing. We have a full line of fishing rods and reels for all needs from saltwater to bait cast, line counter and spinning reels. 

Types of Reels

To maximize your time on the water, you need the right reel for the job. We offer shore fishing reels to catch large fish from in the boat, and casting reels to get the perfect cast. A trolling reel lets you drag your lure behind you as you slowly troll through the water. 

If you prefer fishing from a fixed position, a jigging reel lets your lure sink so you can attract fish by jerking the bait up quickly from the bottom. Then, with a bottom reel, you can fish from a moored boat. 

Reel for All Experience Levels

At Rebel Sport, we offer fishing reels and other fishing gear for fishermen of all experience levels. You can build your own rod and reel combination or buy a predesigned set. We also offer the rest of the fishing gear you need, like knives, nets, and lures for a successful day on the water.