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      Shoe Laces

      Mix up your shoelace style with Rebel Sport NZ’s range of trendy shoe laces and shoe accessories. Choose from a variety of bright colours, lengths and styles to find what best expresses your individual style! From kids shoelaces to adult laces, we offer options suited to your specific sport or activity. Why settle for boring laces when you can visit Rebel Sport NZ and explore our range of high quality and enthusiastic shoe laces!  


      Are the laces of high quality? 

      Rebel Sport NZ’s shoe laces have been professionally designed and produced with the highest quality materials, contributing to a solid, durable and long-lasting product. Due to their increased thickness, our range of laces can withstand harsh conditions and overall last longer than regular laces. Browse our range of enthusiastic colours and designs to find the perfect pair that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident!