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Women's Hockey Shoes

We take pride in offering a huge selection of quality, stylish women's hockey shoes. If you weren’t already aware, hockey is a fast and skilful sport that requires lateral and straight-line running. As a result, the features and design of hockey shoes are unique from other sports, such as women's tennis shoes. It's also extremely important to find the right shoe to fit your foot and provide the support needed.

Important Features of Women's Hockey Shoes

Modern hockey shoes are specifically designed for shock absorption and offer cushioning and stability that modern players require. The soles of hockey shoes have cleats, perfect for playing on Astroturf and sand. The asymmetrical lacing design is set up to follow your foot's shape and provide a comfortable and secure fit. Most modern hockey shoes also have a sock liner, which can be easily removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.

Selecting the Right Hockey Shoe Matters

Selecting the right shoe depends on your foot's shape and the amount of hockey you play each week. Browse our huge selection of hockey shoe options including adidas hockey shoes, Asics hockey shoes and Kookaburra hockey shoes. Alongside hockey shoes, we also stock a range of hockey sticks to help you perform at your best.

You can also find other sports shoes, such as women's indoor court shoes, women’s football boots and women’s cross training shoes. Each pair is designed to ensure superior comfort and support to help you play at your highest level possible. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked question/s about women’s field hockey turf shoes. 

Should I size up for hockey shoes?

Many customers tend to size up when it comes to hockey shoes to accommodate the thickness of hockey socks. Most hockey shoes come in half sizes, so many people will go up a half-size or even a full-size. If you are unsure, it pays to try them on prior or ask a member of our Rebel team for help.