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Women's Cross Training Shoes

When it comes to women's cross training shoes, you need something that can support your every move. Your athletic shoes should be comfortable, sturdy and expressive of who you are. At Rebel Sport NZ, we firmly support your fitness journey and active lifestyle - that's why we constantly keep our inventory stocked with great new options.

Great Shoes From Great Brands

Athletes must have access to gear from brands they can trust, and we're passionate about putting the best names right at your fingertips. Whether you're searching for cushiony Nike Air Max sneakers or ultra-comfortable New Balance training shoes, you're sure to find them right here on our site. Not only do we have the best cross training shoes available, but they are available at super-affordable prices!

Shoes for Every Athlete

You need gym and workout gear that moves with you, and we love making your shopping experience fast and easy. We carry shoes for running, hiking, golf, hockey, netball, football and nearly any other sport you can imagine for men, women and children. No matter who you're shopping for, we've got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions answered. 

What is a cross-training shoe good for?

A cross training shoe can be a great choice for a variety of workout styles. Their versatility makes them suitable for HIIT, agility training and heavy lifting. 

What is the difference between training shoes and cross training shoes?  

Cross training shoes are quite different from traditional training shoes. Cross training shoes are more versatile, designed to go from a HIIT workout to heavy weight lifting with ease. They are designed with this in mind, with more flexibility to keep the foot stable and strong within the shoe. Whereas training shoes are more suited to casual exercise and daily wear, designed to offer less flexibility.