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Apply For A Rebel Sport Grant

As the Home of Sport, we recognise the importance of sport and are passionate about helping all kiwis access it. So, every year Rebel Sport is giving away $160,000 via Rebel Sport Grants, a programme designed to help deserving grass roots clubs across New Zealand provide the means for more kiwis to get involved in and play sport.

Who can apply?

Rebel Sport Grants have been designed to support grass roots clubs and communities. By this we mean non-professional (amateur), non-profit sports clubs or organisations that are affiliated, accept public memberships or registrations, and play regular games as part of a competition. Proof of affiliation, a certificate of incorporation and a personal ID are required on application.


What do the grants cover?

Each club can apply for up to $10,000 to put toward expenses which are required to play sport and help enable more people to participate in grass roots sport. These expenses could be items such as uniforms or equipment, health and safety essentials, ground maintenance or club facilities.

Note that we will not cover non-essential items such as prize money or payment to a player, beverages or personal items which are not essential for playing sport. If there is misuse of any amount of the grant by the Grant Recipients, Rebel Sport may recover any amount of the grant that has been misused.



Credit: Silverdale Rugby Club

Grant entries will be split into 4 quarters ending 31 March, 30 June, 31 Sep, and 31 Dec. Your application date will automatically enter you into the respective quarter. Within each of those quarters, we will allocate one grant to each of the following 4 regions across New Zealand — Upper North Island, Lower North Island, Upper South Island and Lower South Island.

Rebel Sport has appointed a Selection Committee who will meet at the end of each quarter to review the applications. Winners will be selected based on who the Selection Committee believes will fulfil the initiative's purpose “to enable more kiwis (the more people it impacts the higher the chance) to participate (must enable people to play more sport) in grass roots sport (must be a club or organisation). Selection will be agreed on privately and at the committee's discretion.

Applications received by the last day of the month will be tabled at the Selection Committee meeting held during the following month. Any applications received after that date will be carried forward to the next meeting (in the following quarter).

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the grant application, by email by the end of the month in which it was tabled at a meeting.

If you are successful in your application and are selected for a grant, you must respond within 14 days of selection to claim the grant. Grant recipients must provide photos of the funds in use and be available for the odd interview and to feature in photography and video footage taken by Rebel (as we’d love to share your good news with our Rebel Sport community and the rest of New Zealand).

By participating in the Rebel Sport Grant programme you agree to the terms and conditions set out here.