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Tackle Box

Any angler will tell you the often overlooked importance of keeping a neat and tidy tackle box. Being organized with your tackle will allow you to quickly react on the water when the occasion calls for it. Responding in the moment will mean better catches. In addition, a tackle box can help ensure longer lives for your tackle.

Tackle Box Management

Having a tackle box is one thing, but knowing how to use it is something else entirely. Therefore, your tackle box should be organized to be as useful as possible. This means:

  • Your tackle should be organized by fish species. All the tackle for one species should go together.

  • The colors on soft-plastic baits can sometimes bleed, decreasing the quality of the bait. Keep baits organized by color and bagged separately.

  • As far as lures go, organize them by what they do. 

Organize First, Fish Second

The only thing between you and a successful fishing trip is choosing a tackle box. At Rebel Sport NZ, we have plenty of options to choose from!